steelaro b2b sheet metal fabrication bending laser cutting services custom processing


We specialize in B2B sheet metal part fabrication in different sheet thicknesses.

  • We produce single parts, samples, prototypes, DIY assemble kits and even ready to use welded metal constructions.


  • With laser cutting we are able to cut 30mm thick sheets with maximum sheet dimension of 6000mm x 2000mm.

  • With plasma cutting we able to cut 150mm thick metal with sheet maximum dimensions of 6000mm x 2000mm.


  • Cold & hot rolled steel - DC01 , S235 , S355

  • Stainless Steel - AISI304 , AISI316 , AISI Brushed , AISI Polished

  • Aluminum, Zinc, Riffled sheets

  • Wear-proof materials such as Corten, Domex, Dillidur, Hardox, Strenx and other by request.